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More comfort, more care, a better result and less risk to the patient.

We have the only internationally accredited private hospital facilities for cosmetic surgery in Ireland, to give you the best care available. In order to ensure the safest, most modern clinic facilities, we decided to build our own. Many large hospitals are restricted in resources, and do not have the budgets or time to adopt the most advanced clinical standards. Auralia does. Our hospital far exceeds the standards of most modern hospital practices – and it is this care and attention to detail that makes all the difference. Our hospital has been designed and built to meet both national and international design standards.

Exceptional international safety standards

Even the air in our theatres is purified and filtered in a closed system to minimise the spread of infection. Our sterilisation techniques greatly exceed the standards of modern hospital practice – and it is this care and attention to detail that makes all the difference. Instrument washers and Autoclaves are installed to meeting the rigid CEN standards and operated in keeping with best practices. All equipment within the facility meets and exceeds both National & International rules for medical devices and medically used rooms. These facilities and their high design standards combine to provide a safe, professional and efficient patient treatment environment.


Certification to highest levels

The operating theatres are serviced by a dedicated induction room and Scrub area, centrally located and abutting each operating theatre with direct access. The same high levels of equipping and services have been reflected throughout the induction and scrub areas. ISO certified. The clinic is accredited to the highest international gold standards. We get inspected annually for our ISO certification, and every three years we undergo rigorous inspection for our full accreditation. This means, more comfort, more care, a better result, and less risk to the patient.


Surgical and support team

At our facility, we take patient care, and the trust you put in us, your companions for change, very seriously. All our Surgeons are Irish Medical Council registered and are all experts in their given field, with a proven track record. Auralia’s medical team is at the forefront of cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We were the first to introduce the most advanced biodynamic breast implant system to Ireland and we carry out more breast implants than any other provider in the country. All the nursing staff in our clinics are highly trained in cosmetic and aesthetic laser surgery, have worked in major Irish hospitals and are fully registered. At our state of the art surgical facility, your care is of our primary concern, 24/7.