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Bariatric Surgery

The best way to lead the most healthiest lifestyle.

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Reduces the capacity of the stomach, for long term weight loss

Auralia Clinic provides a range of weight loss options, for surgical and non surgical procedures, that are tailored to suit the Patient’s individual needs and desires. Specialising in all type of bariatric surgery procedures, our team of world class Surgeons and Health Care Specialists create change through partnership and trust. At Auralia, Patient care is at the forefront of the agenda when it comes to weight loss surgery, and positions Auralia as the leading provider of procedures in Ireland. The Lap-Band® is the least invasive surgery for weight loss and is entirely reversible.

Well after having a gastric band in Auralia in 2013, nine stone lighter and returning for a tummy tuck in 4 weeks. I can't express how professional and friendly all the team here are. I have heard and read so many bad stories about going abroad, you may pay slightly more staying in Ireland but it's so worth it.

Patrice, A verified review
(Results may differ from person to person)

I had gastric band inserted.
The keyhole operation went well and was done quickly after arrival to the clinic.
I used the remote control for the bed to get me moving before I got up to go to the toilet.
The nurses and doctors where extremely attentive and helpful.
I was treated beautifully from my first phone call and still.

Margaret, A verified review
(Results may differ from person to person)

Treatment was great. Was kept very comfortable and had one to one aftercare. Nurses, doctors and staff are all very lovely, pleasant, knowledgeable people.

Lyndsey, A verified review
(Results may differ from person to person)

Went to the Dublin clinic and I cannot fault one staff member. From the girls at the front to the nurses and anesthesiologist at the back and Dr Salman himself, everybody was extremely professional, compassionate and friendly. Follow up care is fantastic and the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend Auralia.

Anon, A verified review
(Results may differ from person to person)

I’m so glad that I finally put myself first and got my weight under control. With the amazing support and knowledge of the weight loss team and with the aid of the lap band, I was able to finally get down to a normal weight the healthy way, and keep it off.

(Results may differ from person to person)

I don’t recognise myself now, because the new me can say no to food! David and the team never put a doubt in my mind about the quality of care I would get. They believed in me from day one. For that, I will always be grateful. My gastric band is my new best friend!

Jennifer, lost 120lb
(Results may differ from person to person)

Having my gastric band surgery with Auralia is the best decision I have ever made. The after-care provided has helped me so much. I now feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, I feel more confident in myself and I have great support from the staff at Auralia Park West Clinic.

Lindsey, lost 103 lbs
(Results may differ from person to person)

Its now 18 months after that day and I have lost just over 8 stone. I could have never imagined how much my life would change before this. I’m now healthier, more confident, fitter and happier! Food doesn’t have a hold on my life anymore. I now have the freedom to enjoy doing other things.

Martin, lost 116 lbs
(Results may differ from person to person)

I am now 2 months after my gastric band removal and replacement with Auralia and the level of care I have received is nothing short of amazing. With Auralia they have exceeded everything promised. From the bottom of my heart, I really mean it when I say thank you to the weight loss team for helping me through my experience.

Audrey, lost 5 stone in under 1 year
(Results may differ from person to person)

The decision to have this done was definitely the right one for me and I know when I am unsure of anything or having a bad day I can pick up the phone or drop into the clinic and get it sorted out. I really am a different person now, I love life and I am looking forward to finally reaching my goal. Once I do this, I want to try doing the mini marathon in under 1 hour!

Sarah, lost 50lb in 6 months
(Results may differ from person to person)

Since my surgery, I no longer have high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels or lower back pain. The LAP-BAND has been the tool that I needed to finally be successful at losing weight!

Lisa, lost 140 lbs
(Results may differ from person to person)

I chose the Lap-Band System because the surgery is much shorter, less risky and the recovery is quicker. Now, almost four years after my surgery, I am still in control of my weight and my life!

Frank, lost 135 lbs
(Results may differ from person to person)

I chose the Lap-Band System because I felt it could be an effective tool to help me lose weight. I’ve found that it’s a lifestyle that anyone can live with. I’m now healthier and more active and I have so much more self confidence!

Andrea, lost 110 lbs
(Results may differ from person to person)

The Lap-Band has given me my life back. All the activities I had missed out on for more than 20 years are once again within my Reach!

Dan, lost 170 lbs
(Results may differ from person to person)

About this treatment

The Lap-Band® has an unparalleled safety record and has been used in weight loss surgeries for over 30 years.

The Lap-Band® has a lot of advantages:

  • This surgery does not require any cutting or stapling of the stomach like other weight loss procedures, which means there are no permanent alterations, making it a very safe operation
  • The Lap-Band® is completely reversible
  • The risks involved with this surgery are much lower than that for other weight loss procedures
  • The Lap-Band® is not associated with causing any vitamin or mineral deficiencies
  • The surgery usually takes less than 45 minutes to complete. A faster surgery means a faster recovery. Less time in theatre means lower risk to the patient.

How does a Lap-Band® work?

The procedure involves using keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery to place a soft silicone ring around the top part of the stomach. The idea behind the Lap-Band® is to apply pressure to sensitive nerves at the top of the stomach which, when stimulated, induce the feeling of satiety (satisfaction) much earlier when eating. The Lap-Band® will gently squeeze the top part of the stomach inwards, resulting in the foods that you eat stimulating those nerves as they pass through the Lap-Band® and into the lower part of the stomach.

The food will pass by the Lap-Band® relatively quickly. Once the food passes by the Lap-Band® into the remainder of the stomach, digestion occurs normally, without any delay or lack of absorption of nutrients.

The greatest benefit of the Lap-Band® is that the pressure applied to the top of the stomach is fully adjustable to suit an individual’s needs. The Lap-Band® is attached to an injection port under the skin via a soft tubing, which allows adjustment of the Lap-Band® by injecting or removing saline (salt water) through the port. The reason behind the requirement for this is very simple – every patient is different. Some patients may have very sensitive nerves at the top of their stomach, whilst others may be insensitive. Adjusting your Lap-Band® allows us to find your “sweet spot” rather than operating on a basis of “one size fits all”.

Adjustments to the Lap-Band® are easily performed and require no special preparation. Adding saline to the Lap-Band® usually takes only a couple of minutes and requires the equivalent of a blood test – a needle through the skin.

Over time, a Lap-Band® patient should be feeling satisfied much faster than before. Feeling satisfied earlier on whilst eating should result in the patient stopping eating their meals much earlier on, in other words, they eat smaller portions which results in weight loss.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Lap-Band®

The main advantage of the Lap-Band® is its adjustability. The Lap-Band® can be tightened or loosened in a matter of minutes in our clinic.

The surgery itself is minimally invasive, only taking around 35-45 minutes to complete. There is minimal scarring with very small incisions made. The stomach itself remains fully intact, along with the full digestive system.

Unlike other obesity surgeries, the Lap-Band® is fully reversible. Should anybody wish to have the Lap-Band® removed, they will be left with a fully intact stomach and gastrointestinal tract.

Some other advantages of the Lap-Band® include:

  • Very low risk
  • Fully reversible (preserves stomach and bowel)
  • Day-case procedure (usually)
  • Proven studies show significant and durable weight loss
  • Major reductions in obesity-associated health risks
  • Low risks of vitamin and mineral deficiency

Some disadvantages of the Lap-Band® can include:

  • Requires relatively regular attendance for adjustments (several times a year)
  • Unlike sleeve or bypass, the Lap-Band® does not reduce appetite hormones
  • Complications (though usually very minor) are slightly more common than other procedures.
  • Health benefits are entirely dependent on weight-reduction
  • Experience of the surgeon directly influences the risk of long-term complications. Auralia surgeons have carried out thousands of surgeries.

How much weight will I lose with a Lap-Band®?

4-5 weeks after surgery
Based on the experience from past patients the average weight loss is around 1.5 stone or 8% of your starting weight.

Long-term weight loss
Lap-Band® weight loss results vary from patient to patient. It largely depends on how well you follow the given guidelines regarding the foods you eat, exercise habits and working with your Lap-Band® to maximise your results.

You should lose about 50-60% of your excess weight over the first two years. This is only an average – some people might lose more or less depending on their own effort levels.

What are the health benefits of the Lap-Band®?

The Lap-Band® offers a wide variety of health benefits and can assist in positively impacting a lot of obesity-associated conditions.

Some health benefits of the Lap-Band® include:

  • Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Improvement in Type 2 diabetes
  • Reduces fatigue and daytime sleepiness
  • Reduces heartburn/acid reflux
  • Helps with back or joint pain
  • Improves mobility
  • Improves asthma
  • Helps resolve fatty liver disease
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Improves overall quality of life

60-70% of patients also have a lower risk of premature death when compared to their obese (non-banded) peers.

How often will I need to have the Lap-Band® adjusted?

When your Lap-Band® is implanted, it will usually contain minimal fluid. At this point, the focus is on recovery. About 5 weeks post-surgery we can begin adjusting your Lap-Band® to help control your hunger and improve your weight loss.

Adjusting your Lap-Band® will also depend on how well you’re doing. If you are losing about 1-2lbs (0.5-1 kg) a week, have no issues and feel well, you’re doing fine. If your weight loss is very slow or if you have a little feeling of satiety, you may need a further adjustment.

There is considerable variation in how many adjustments are required in the first 12 months. Some need one, others need five or six. But remember, more is not necessarily better. Some people think if their Lap-Band® is producing good weight loss, tightening it further will give more dramatic results. This is not true. An over-adjusted Lap-Band® can be dangerous, increasing the chance of slippage and other complications.

Does a Lap-Band® cause acid reflux?

This is a myth. The Lap-Band® does not cause reflux (heartburn) or make existing heartburn worse. In fact in many cases, it can improve symptoms for patients.

The exception to this, however, is when a Lap-Band® is over-tightened. Reflux can become common in this scenario and quite distressing. Any patient who is getting persistent reflux with their Lap-Band® should have it loosened as soon as possible.

Do you lose vitamins and minerals with the Lap-Band®?

Major vitamin and mineral deficiencies are very uncommon with the Lap-Band®, but it is still recommended that you take your daily vitamin and mineral supplements.

Does having a Lap-Band® exclude other weight-loss surgeries?

One of the unique features about the Lap-Band® is that it is completely reversible. This means if you want to have a different kind of surgery and need the Lap-Band® removed, it is possible.

Some surgeries like conversion to a gastric bypass can even be done at the same time as the Lap-Band® removal.

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