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Moles & Skin Tags

Mole removal and skin tag removal are both painless outpatient procedures performed at Auralia by expert surgeons

Moles and skin tags are extremely common on the face and other parts of the body. A melanocytic nevus (commonly known as a mole) is a dark spot on the skin that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. A mole can exist just below the skin (subdermal) and is made of Melanin or it can grow on the skin, which is a pigmented type of growth that is made of mainly Melanocytes. It’s important to note that some moles require an expert dermatologist. If there there are any sudden changes in a mole’s shape or size, or if it gets darker, or if it shows any signs of irritation at all, this may be an indication of the development of skin cancer. However, for harmless moles, mole removal is a typically safe and quick surgical procedure that a patient can undergo.

I had such a quick response to my enquiry, the staff were very helpful and I had a date booked for me within minutes. I had a consultation with Dr. Salman who was very pleasant and talked me through the whole procedure in detail. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results and I would definitely recommend this clinic to others!

Jessica (A five star verified review)
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I would recommend this to a friend. It was good value and the procedure was completed to great satisfaction.

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(Results may differ from person to person)

About this treatment

Background to mole removal

Most of the time moles are harmless and can also be seen as a cosmetic enhancement. Other moles may be a nuisance (for example catching on clothes or a razor), or present problems due to possible skin cancer. In these cases, mole removal is a typically safe and quick surgical procedure that a patient can undergo.

Sudden changes in a mole’s shape or size may be the sign of skin cancer development and should be monitored and examined by an experienced dermatologist. If a mole gets darker, has dark spots that form on its edges, bleeds, or is otherwise irritated, then a doctor visit is especially important.

How is the mole or skin tag removed?

The technique that your doctor uses to remove your skin lesion will depend on various factors. These include how big it is, the type of lesion it is, and where it is on your body.

There are two primary methods of mole removal – excision with stitches and excision with cauterisation. Both methods take place in our clinics, using a local anesthesia, on an outpatient basis.

Mole removal is a painless procedure due to topical anesthetic injections. The mole is carefully sliced off with a sterile and very sharp scalpel. Many times a simple bandage will be placed over the area after mole removal. The mole is then placed into a container for biopsy at a specialised laboratory. A cauterisation tool can “close” the wound by heat application to the area, which stops bleeding. Stitches can also be used if necessary.

What are the risks of mole removal?

Mole removal is a very safe procedure with minimal side effects. It is important to realise, especially if you’re having your skin lesion removed for cosmetic reasons, that the procedure will leave a scar. Your doctor will do their best to keep this scar to a minimum. All of this will be covered at your consultation and you can discuss possible scarring in detail before the procedure.


Patient care has always been at the forefront of everything we do. We believe that ‘aftercare’ is just as important a part of the entire cosmetic treatment procedure as the treatment itself.

Our registered, professional and highly trained medical team are accessible at all times to advise you on your individual needs, to explain exactly what the procedure entails and to assist you with any concerns you may have following your treatment.

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