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X-Ray Unit

X-Ray and Ultrasound Services Now Available for Referrals

About the service:

Auralia offers walk in service for general X-Ray services (e.g. chest, hands, feet, knees, shoulder, spine, abdomen and pelvis) from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.

A GP or consultant referral is required for this service.

How to refer this service:

If you are registered in the PACS system visit and you can organise appointments for your patients to visit us in Auralia to be scanned.

Reports and reuslts will be sent to the GP or consultant via the PACS system.

If you are a GP or a consultant and need to register, send an email to titled “Xray Registration” with the following:

  1. GP or Consultant full name
  2. Address of the practice
  3. Email address you want to be registered on


X-Ray: €120 plus and additional €25 for additional X-Rays

Ultra Sound: €250

Additional appointment details:

  • Appointments Only
  • These services are available to both In-Patient and Out-Patient.
  • Requests are scheduled according to priority and urgency.